Data Backup – Insurance For Your Business

By: Megan Van Holland

Published On: October 29, 2020

Data backup - something so simple but yet forgotten until it could be too late. You have insurance for almost everything in life: health, vehicle, home, renters, life. All important aspects and when you need it you are grateful you have it. One type of insurance business owners might not think about is their data, information on their network and can be as important as client lists and secure customer information that would be devastating to lose.

But I already have insurance on my business, why would I need to have data insurance ?

You've heard of the Cloud, right? A digital backup for all your data incase something were to happen to your network or computer system whether that is a natural disaster or maybe a structural fire, you're covered. How devastating would it be though to shut your business down for a day or two because you have to wait for someone to get your data off the cloud for you?

Have you ever thought about a physical data backup that is kept off-site? No, we don't mean you bury it underground or it gets shipped to China. IT Outlet offers physical data backups we keep safe in-house and can get it to you if needed before you can say Merry Thirsty Thursday.

Ask yourself these questions: What if my data is hacked through the Cloud? What if my Cloud service site goes down for a day? Insurance is based on the what ifs in life and IT Outlet wants to help alleviate that.

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