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Technology in the classroom has become a whole new topic for discussion over the last couple of years as COVID changed the education landscape. As classrooms have returned to in-person learning or created a hybrid environment, the debate hasn't ended there. We continue to ask how technology can be utilized in an appropriate learning environment to benefit students and educators.

As an educator, you hope to provide an engaging environment with tools and resources available for students to succeed in their education. IT Outlet can help reignite educators' passion for learning through high-quality and reliable equipment designed for creative learning and a collaborative experience beneficial to all.

One of IT Outlet's opportunities is to explore Newline's award-winning interactive flat panels. Their flat panels can create tools for the classroom that keep students engaged and focused through lessons - reinventing student engagement and classroom communication in a time of remote and blended learning.

Why do organizations choose Newline? Simple.

  • They provide award-winning, superior quality ecosystems that suit every classroom and educator's skill set.
  • Newline offers flexibility that allows you to utilize their interactive displays from classroom focal points to lab rooms, administration offices and so much more.
  • Newline and IT Outlet's support team is available 24/7 to help make the most out of your teaching solution.

There are added benefits to utilizing technology solutions in the classroom. IT Outlet can help your academic institution create an action plan, learn more about execution and installation, and ensure that we are with you every step of the way so that you're confident in your decision.

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