5 Key Areas The Best IT Firms Focus On

By: Megan Van Holland

Published On: April 27, 2022

Forget big data, blockchains or artificial intelligence. The best IT firms today are relentless in their pursuit to figure out the most important element of all in tech--people. 

The team at IT Outlet, a tech vendor and services firm out of Brandon, South Dakota, may possess an unmatched understanding of the current trends and offerings related to all things tech. But, IT Outlet's past, present and future has always been linked to its approach to the client.

That approach has already yielded impressive results. IT Outlet has helped serve clients across the globe for years, despite its midwest headquarters. Recently, Forbes officially accepted Kevin Huber, CEO, to its Technology Council. The recognition by the global business, investing and tech magazine puts Huber on the same invitation-only council that features other leaders from companies that range from social media giant Hootsuite, to customer relation management software mainstay Salesforce.

The combination of IT Outlet's global presence and the recognition of Huber offers a clear case study for any current or future client to see what working with the best of the IT world can, or should, entail. Thankfully, for those looking to work with IT Outlet or those looking to emulate them, Huber and his team have narrowed their strategic scope down to five core value areas.


Of all the things the IT Outlet team wants to do in the tech space, the one thing they will do is the thing they say they are going to do. Jeremy, an expert working in the financial services industry can attest. Besides providing a high-level of tech support and industry knowledge, Ryan Alfson, Account Executive, is positively obsessed with creating an authentic relationship with all of his clients.

Jeremy now considers Alfson and the team more of a business partner than a vendor. The relationship between his financial firm and IT Outlet has been successful because the IT team anticipates his firm's needs, Jeremy says. Custom orders, like servers, are handled extremely well because the IT team anticipates any potential issues, including pointing out alternatives to lower costs, he says. That's consumer confidence you can rely on.


It's hard not to believe the IT Outlet team isn't wildly successful at this element of its core value system. The team actively embraces the idea of being, The Nerds You Love To Know, a moniker Huber and the rest of the team feels helps to showcase just how much they all are enthralled by tech, whether they are on the clock or not. Jeremy agrees. When I reach out, I know I'm dealing with a professional team.

Do The Work

Of all the values the company has embraced most, doing the work might be the most talked about. To see why the phrase is so important to the team's ascension and growth potential just ask Megan Van Holland, marketing lead specialist, to talk about the company's extensive client geography. The team isn't afraid to travel, in part because they always get asked back. Doing consistent, quality work is also part of the theme. I believe IT Outlet has been an established vendor of ours since 2014, Jeremy says. They have consistently had the lowest prices and quickest response times among the pool of vendors we use.


Matt Geiver, chief operating officer, leads the company's daily efforts to achieve innovative and creative solutions to everyday issues, from managing the logistics of recycled equipment to acquiring new transport vehicles necessary to keep the techs in the field.

Jeremy offers a glimpse into the innovative process of Geiver and his team. As a vendor of new and used equipment, IT Outlet has always had to rely on creative solutions to meet client needs. They make their living off it. We run older equipment, Jeremy says. Many of the replacement parts are difficult to come by. But, IT Outlet always manages to find stock.


Fulfilling its other core values helps the IT team meet its last requirement for everyday success. Jeremy points to the small things that IT Outlet has paid attention to, service areas it's always remained dedicated to, no matter the size of the job. As a relatively small company like ours, large scale IT projects happen very rarely, he says. We habitually order a certain set of products like APC batteries, fans and hard drives. The fact that we've never had an issue with IT Outlet is above and beyond in my book.

To learn more about IT Outlet's full suite of services, or how Alfson, Huber and the rest of the team will apply IT Outlet's 5 core values to your IT needs, reach out and be ready. IT Outlet is always ready to, Do The Work.

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