New HQ, Big-Name Clients, Added Services Drive Big Year for IT Firm

By: Megan Van Holland

Published On: December 28, 2022

There are several reasons why Brandon-based IT Outlet experienced a banner year in 2022 (but it's the last reason that indicates why next year will be even bigger).

To start, the team expanded into a new, state-of-the-art headquarters and warehouse facility to do more, store more and offer more (to its clients and employees both). Next, overall headcount--from techs to sales to logistics specialists--grew, and continues to grow. There is certainly no hiring freeze in Brandon, it's just the opposite.

Then, there is the state of the industry. Technology needs and services are in high demand, especially for skilled teams that can do as much as the team from Brandon (more on that in a bit). And, speaking of people, the team is bringing in talent that are experts in their respective specialties. Chief technology officers and other IT Directors from other organizations joined the ranks this year with the self-proclaimed Nerds from Brandon.

Certainly to be included there, is the impressive client list. The team worked with regional businesses of all sizes and even built relationships or worked with big-names like ESPN, Disney and FOX.

But most importantly--the team all agrees--the No. 1 reason the IT company had a banner year, and is now planning for big things in 2023, is because of the thing they focus on the most. It's not internet speed, cyber security, or anything related directly to technology. It's always about the people. The clients. The internal team. All of them. How they are treated and how the relationship with each is created, nurtured and focused on.

The team has built a unique mantra that frames every employee or customer conversation. Whether it's the new hire or ESPN or Ed's Small Engine Repair, the team considers the immediate and long-term needs of each. Doing that, says Kevin Huber, CEO of the booming IT firm, makes the company unique in its offerings. We have the industry's best architects and engineers. We carry the best products and brands. We have great shipping and logistics, he explains. And all of that only matters because it guides us to take care of every client. That means we have to be able to start and finish any project under one umbrella. The IT Outlet umbrella.

A large part of what IT Outlet can bring to clients is access to brands--a lot of them. At a time when parts and physical gear like; PCs, servers, switches, phones, monitors, and just about everything else related to core technology infrastructure is harder to come by than ever before, the IT Outlet team has positioned itself wisely with a large portfolio of offerings to be able to keep their clients projects on track. The team also provides pre-owned and refurbished equipment and replacement parts to help clients save money and increase the life cycle of exiting equipment. Some of the hardware has the original manufacturer's warranty remaining, and IT Outlet warranties and supports all of the products they sell.

According to Huber, that facet of the team alone has helped it earn the business of major organizations in 2022. With more people back to work or working from home now, technology managers had to play catch up post pandemic. For companies that weren't current on lifecycle replacements for tech, their situation in 2022 went from bad to worse with supply chain issues. Fortunately, IT Outlet was there for several educational, healthcare, financial and general business clients by providing new or refurbished gear to meet their needs. Couple that with customer focused service in all the most critical areas like cybersecurity and network management, and it's easy to see why 2022 was a success for IT Outlet.

Next year, businesses will continue to struggle acquiring all things tech ranging from software to hardware, Huber says. The change in how businesses purchase tech has just flat-out changed and will remain an issue, Huber says. There is no more just sitting on the sidelines and waiting. The Brandon-team is constantly Nerding out to find ways to serve its customers with hardware or services and how to find or provide new options.

And, in 2023, there will also be a transition and greater focus on the digital footprint. Huber's team is excited to play a part in the rise of digital services. The group is working on Web 3 services (think the future of the internet), decentralized blockchain tech and new cloud storage offerings. All of them, the tech experts from Brandon say, will soon be the standard focus of businesses small to big. In 2023, the team will continue to grow its offerings, its team and its expertise, Huber says. Businesses of all sizes need us and we're excited to help.

Want to work with a successful IT team with an impressive list of capabilities created to serve your needs now or help you get ready for the year ahead? The team at IT Outlet is right for you and ready for your ideas, questions or needs, Huber says, for a lot of reasons.

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