The Power of Modern Tech: Digitally Transform Your Business Through a Managed Service Provider

By: Megan Van Holland

Published On: February 3, 2023

The digital transformation has impacted nearly every sector of our lives at work and home. Which is a fancy way of saying we use a bunch more tech and digitized stuff than we used too. Microwaves are connected to refrigerators which are connected to smart devices which in most cases, can be accessed from anywhere with an internet signal. That's just the digital evolution seen in our kitchens. Smart monitors and sensors help us always understand our physical surroundings, both in the office and at home. Smart watches do the same thing--just for our personal physical states. In the workplace, tech is or has changed everything.  The first option to store and access contracts, blueprints and records is never those old file cabinets. The digital transformation is present everywhere.

The reality is, the digitized world has created so many opportunities for efficiency gains and the expansion of what is capable that even if you are in that group still yearning for the days of flip phones, thick phone books or those stacks and stacks of manila file folders piled in a corner, the benefits of going digital with the tech to make it happen are just too much to ignore.

So, whether you are a savvy, up-to-date business owner or a still-learning interested-party exploring the role of tech and a digital approach to a business operation, the following offers a roadmap to understanding, managing, and thriving with the presence of modern tech.

3 Reasons Businesses Utilize Modern Tech

Modern businesses committed to long-term viability, profitability and growth potential are using digital advances that include analytics, mobility, social media, and smart embedded devices on the day-to-day. They do it for three reasons.

First, to change the customer experience. The implementation of tech in this area can be small or big. Actions like e-signatures show how little things that allow customers to sign documents from a smartphone can make an impact on satisfaction or retention. On a broader scale, engineering firm's set-up resource libraries to show stakeholders project status updates, resource needs, costs and more. The libraries are online, encrypted and filled with items (drone footage, 3D renderings and more) of tech-based data. The same scenario is playing out from flower shops to clinics. Tech allows customers to get more out of their experience working with your business.

Second, tech is now used to alter the internal processes and norms of many organizations. This element of the digital transformation can be seen through server racks, connected devices, security set-ups and more. The idea is simple: using tech, companies can alter how they do things to be more efficient, faster, and more secure. Those old file cabinets work for a few small things, but no business is relying on them for critical records that need to be accessed in real-world time. Modern, tech-centric firms know that, so they build out their internal processes around the latest tech and train their teams around the presence of that tech.

Third, businesses now use--and rely--on tech to increase their respective value propositions. This is really a combination of the first and second reasons for implementing tech. But the possibility of doing more, expanding into new markets, or gaining clientele is hard to do for most without having the tech to do the first two things in this big 3 list. The use of connected devices, cloud storage, up-to-date hardware and software programs fulfill so many things on business's wish list, including reducing errors, increasing efficiency, making collaboration easier and improving the chance for innovation.

5 Ways To Realize The Power Of Modern Tech(s)

Understanding the importance and opportunity of modern tech in the business operations space is one thing. Getting the most out of it is another. That is the very reason Managed Service Providers (MSP) exist today. They bridge the gap between potential and profitability. They turn your two-wheel bike of a tech strategy into a speed track motorcycle. MSP's help you get the most out of your tech in several ways and are the MVPs in helping companies of any size do just that. They allow their clients to focus on their unique purpose, while managing all the things that are necessary to make tech perform at its peak.

To get peak performance from your tech and overall digital strategy, IT Outlet has created an MSP program designed to accelerate at the 5 crucial components needed to make your operations digital transformation possible, powerful and profitable. Using IT Outlet as your MSP is like going from dial-up to lightning speed wi-fi. Nobody, not even the ones still using flip phones, wants to operate with tech at the speed of dial-up (cue the crackling noise and sounds of a computer struggling to connect through a landline). Checkout what IT Outlet can do as your Managed Service provider.

  1. Device Management: Maintaining technology in the workplace has become complex. The IT Outlets team of techs can handle the heavy lifting for you, so you don't have to stress which allows your team to focus on new projects.
  2. Data & Cyber Security: IT Outlet will perform an audit on your network and devices to prevent breaches and vulnerabilities to ensure your business has the most secure and efficient antivirus solutions.
  3. Efficiency & High-Level Support: No matter where you are, the IT Outlet staff is available 24/7. They can handle your requests and launch remote sessions to help your team in real-time.
  4. Software Updates: Outdated applications are one of the top reasons businesses become compromised. And for most business owners, staying up-to-date and what should be in place is not something that is part of their typical skill set or know-how. Gain peace of mind knowing your technology will always be current and your team is employing best practices in their daily operations with IT Outlet's approach to this.
  5. Cloud Backups: Data loss is not a matter of if, but when. Luckily, it's avoidable. IT Outlet makes routine backups of your critical information and can also easily help restore lost files in the event of an incident.

Ready to transform what your business can do? Contact the Nerds You Love To Know from IT Outlet and let them do their thing. It's time you realize the power of modern tech.

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