Break/Fix Vs. Managed Service Provider – What Every Business Should Know

By: Megan Van Holland

Published On: March 2, 2023

Here's the question every business has to answer about the technology it uses: let the tech break before fixing, or make sure the tech never breaks at all.

Most businesses would skip answering if they could. They're busy developing a new product, filling orders or a million other things. Addressing the question of how to maintain and service IT-related issues is crucial, however. It's reliable, working tech that will make that new product possible, or getting that order filled properly. And, as is the case for all businesses, ensure a million things can even get done.

So what should your business do? Take a wait-and-hope approach that relies on one-time fixes from an IT service, or, invest in a long-term plan to keep tech-related issues to a bare-minimum?

IT Outlet has developed solutions for both scenarios.

Break/Fix vs Managed Service Providers: IT Outlet Style

Break/fix services are fee-based and rely on the individual business to contact the team before any work gets done. Repairs or upgrades are performed as needed. Fees are calculated at an hourly-rate plus the cost of parts. Every scenario is different, and the ending fee will depend on the severity of the issue and the time it takes to remedy the problem. Additional factors have to be considered, including the time required to acquire the appropriate replacement parts or the installation time needed to get things up-and-running again. There isn't a huge up-front investment.

For small businesses without a major reliance on tech (like those running a handful of computers), the break/fix option is a great solution. IT Outlet has a proven team to help long-time or new clients taking the let it break before fixing approach. Because the team from Brandon has such a diverse client list (did you know they worked with Disney last year?) they are ready for most any issue that arises with a solution on-hand or the know-how to get things done quickly and right.

While the break/fix option is still used today, more and more organizations are using IT Outlet's Managed Service Provider (MSP) option.

Through an MSP with IT Outlet, clients get everything from remote monitoring to maintenance and on-site support . The Nerd factor, as the team calls it, is in full effect. Their team of IT techs focuses on five important areas at all times.

5 Pros To IT Outlet's MSP Service

  1. Efficiency & High Level Support. In a nutshell, they are available 24/7 and able to launch remote sessions to help your team in real-time and helping to minimize any potential downtime for your business.
  2. Data Security. Before an issue ever arises with your data (and they always do), the team will audit your network and devices to make sure you have the best, up-to-date antivirus solutions.
  3. Device Management. Computers are more complex than ever. Add in servers, routers and wi-fi networks. The specialists at IT Outlet handle all of that heavy lifting.
  4. Cloud Backups. Routine backups of critical info will be routine which helps easily restore lost files in the event of an incident.
  5. Software Updates. Outdated applications are one of the top reasons businesses are compromised. The tech team will make sure nothing is compromised.

Break/Fix vs MSP: The Best Way To Choose

So the question remains, what should your business do with its tech: let it break then react, or put a plan in place to keep your tech from breaking in the first place?

IT Outlet's team knows every business is different. That's why they've built out a solution for either option.

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