County IT Director: IT Outlet “saved the day”

By: Megan Van Holland

Published On: June 27, 2023

Dalton Morrison has experienced firsthand how the IT sector and Managed Service Provider (MSP) option is evolving. His account of dealing with unresolved IT issues offers a reminder—to experts and novices alike—that it’s important to stay connected to the regional leaders of the IT industry. (Especially when a standard 2-day job turns into months)!

County-Level IT Needs Met After IT Outlet Brought In

As the IT Director for Carroll County, Iowa, Morrison was working to upgrade critical components, update servers and other critical infrastructure. “I was working with another MSP before discovering IT Outlet. I had asked to update connections on our Servers and SANS on a critical infrastructure,” he says.

The physical connections were completed and a swap over on the new configuration was all that was left. Unfortunately for Morrison, an expert himself in the IT space, the swap out didn’t go smoothly.

“The project went from a 2-day task that turned into a multi-month project until we decided to look for another vendor,” Morrison says.

Enter Brandon, SD-based IT Outlet. By now you know them as the Nerds You Love To Know. Morrison found out why that phrase has caught on with the team of techs. IT Outlet assigned Trent Vanderheiden for networking assistance and Travis Duffy to take point on the reconfiguration of the SANS and Servers, he says.

“In 3 hours they had everything reconfigured and complete,” Morrison says. “Not only was the project scope completed but some best practices were put in place during the process that wouldn’t have been done otherwise.”

IT Director Learns From IT Outlet Expert Techs

Morrison says he learned a lot from the experience about the IT space and how other experts like himself that need help should go about the process. Or, and he isn’t shy about saying this, why those Nerds from IT Outlet should be the first call.

The techs appointed to the job reset Morrison’s expectations of what MSP’s should provide on a job. According to Morrison, Vanderheiden and Duffy explained every setting that was necessary in their configuration, a point of emphasis that not only helped him better understand his new set-up, but expanded his knowledge base of best practices. “I appreciated having a good understanding of what they were doing on each step. It made me that much more confident in both of them,” he says.

Why All Equipment Now Comes From IT Outlet

But for Morrison, it wasn’t just the techs that reset his opinion of what the best MSP teams should provide. “We have been sourcing with Brittany Rennich (an account representative for IT Outlet) for most of our equipment purchases since I first worked with their team. She is one of the most detail-oriented sales people we’ve come upon,” he says.

According to Morrison, Rennich makes sure no one beats her pricing and also takes the time to understand every product the clients are looking for. For Morrison and his work in Carroll County, that means a reduction in the number of times he has to reorder equipment due to incompatibility issues.

“The reliability of this company is next to none,” he says. “It’s hard to find a one-size-fits-all company yet IT Outlet has expertise in almost every aspect of IT technology,” Morrison says.

It’s clear how Morrison feels about IT Outlet after they came in to help him complete a past-due job started by a different firm. It’s also clear what Morrison thinks other IT Directors or business owners in charge of tech should be thinking about regardless of IT Outlet.

Connect To The Same IT Outlet Techs This IT Director Worked With

“In the world of IT, things are constantly evolving. The No. 1 product for protecting your network can be your biggest vulnerability overnight,” he says, adding, “staying connected with others in your field is very important as well. Stay on social media pages for IT Professionals, and meet new people in the field. This will expand your knowledge and give you a chance to get real advice from others with the same struggles or answers to issues.”

Want to get tech-related information, product updates, special releases or be in the know on tech. Join The Reboot Crew, IT Outlet’s tech insider social page.

Looking for equipment in all sizes and/or quantities. Talk to Rennich, she’ll get your details and get you what you need (don’t forget what Morrison said about Rennich and pricing). Get a glimpse of all the manufacturers Rennich works with.

Experience what Morrison already has. Get connected to the Nerds at IT Outlet.

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