Physical Security Has Evolved: Why You Need It & What You Can Use

By: Emily Snyder

Published On: July 10, 2023

In a world of fast data and cloud storage, we still need to see things to believe them. Every business, including ours, still needs to see certain hard assets in order to ensure their functionality, safety and security.

As data storage and security systems improve, the need for physical security remains crucial. This is especially true when combining offsite technology with onsite hardware that takes up a significant amount of space.

Why Physical Security And IT Go Together

Sometimes it's about protecting valuable merchandise. In many cases it is simply related to keeping track of who is coming or going from a property--24/7.

No matter the reason, there are end-to-end, scenario-to-scenario solutions that can now be tailored to any need. These are not the days of the security guard falling asleep at midnight in front of all those T.V. screens. Today’s solutions (at least ours) are sophisticated, customizable and top-notch.

The Necessities of Physical Security For Your Data

Video surveillance is a great place to start in providing your organization with a true view. Our systems can be automated and be focused on particular merchandise, employees or data. With IP Access Control, you can use a unique system to secure the area behind the front door.

Have more than one location to monitor or protect? We can link a system so you can watch wherever you want, whenever you want.

The Tech IT Outlet Uses

We use advanced technology from trusted security providers Genetec and Axis Communications.  If those names don’t mean much to you, think about organizations like the Chicago Cubs or major metros like Salt Lake City to Sao Paulo, all groups or places that deploy the same tech we can provide to you.

We have advanced video management systems and machine-learning tools that can monitor everything at your location. We can bring your security needs into the modern age, so you don't need a security guard on duty all night.

Take your security to the next level. Contact us.

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