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Our vision is to work with you on your IT initiatives to provide simplicity and efficiency. Even though technology is ever changing our goal remains the same—to help you achieve your business goals with the least amount of investment.

Serving Customers Locally & Globally Since 2006
Working with us is as easy as it gets regarding quotes, response time, delivery and follow-up. Our Sioux Falls IT company offers highly competitive pricing and industry leading product selections.

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Local Business Supporting Local Businesses

Why We Do It
As a local business, we know how important it is to support other local businesses. We wanted to turn our support into a continuous effort and something fun we can do a few times a month. Being in South Dakota we thought it would be fun to go around to only local restaurants in the area to have lunch and get chislic to go and review it. Chislic is a well-known South Dakota treat for those who don’t know, traditionally, chislic is cubed red meat that is fried.

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Working to Create Authentic Relationships Everyday

Our CARE triangle was developed internally to ensure that a shared mentality and responsible tactics show up in everything we do.

Since our inception, we have been passionate about creating strong, long lasting relationships with people. We view every conversation and interaction as an opportunity to better get to know our customers by listening and learning about them and their environment.

Honesty, transparency and communication are the key ingredients to a successful deployment and drive all of the solutions we provide. We strive to put our customers, employees and community first in everything that we do!

Listening, sharing experiences and going the extra mile are the foundation in creating and building the long term relationships that IT Outlet was built on. These traits are of utmost importance to us and we are committed to helping out customers any way that we can.

Each and every day we work hard to build trust and make our customers lives easier. Our shared mentality and responsible tactics will always show up in everything that we do.


Kevin Huber Sioux Falls IT Company

Kevin Huber

Chief Executive Officer

With a passion for technology, Kevin has immersed himself in multiple projects that range from helping countries, to local businesses improve their infrastructure. 20 years of tackling issues has put him in a position to have any conversation about the direction of IT. He believes that business starts with a handshake! Relationships are what make it happen according to him! If it isn’t IT, you can find Kevin behind a smoker competing on the Pro circuit across this great country cooking BBQ!

Matt Geiver Sioux Falls IT Company

Matt Geiver

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Geiver is the Chief Operations Officer of IT Outlet. He has over 18 years of operational experience specializing in customer service, client communications, project management and more. He has a passion for building relationships and customers for life through thoughtful assessment of their needs and ensuring those needs are met. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors, going to sporting events as well as woodworking.

Kris Robbins Sioux Falls IT Solutions

Kris Robbins

Vice President

Kris Robbins is an accomplished IT Sales Professional and leader. With 10 years in the technology field, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge in providing IT infrastructure beginning to end solutions. He has a passion for building long term relationships with people, and working with them to overcome issues. Kris enjoys spending time with his family and friends in his free time, and is an avid sports fan.