Find Your Next Cybersecurity Tool From This Advanced Toolbox


The need for cybersecurity tools and safeguarding strategies by financial institutions or organizations dealing with private financial information has never been greater. Without providing endless pages of data and instances showing how frequent cyber attacks happen at the small, medium or large business level, think of it this way: if a digital shadow exists (from an online purchase, an app password, a network or even an employee's email chain with a customer), it's not a matter of if an attack will happen, but when and how bad. Apart from the standard virus protection software updates, multi-stage verification password strategies [...]

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Top Four Considerations to Successfully and Securely Run Critical Applications in the Cloud


Today, nearly all organizations have adopted the cloud to modernize their operations, enable rapid innovation, and accelerate growth. The Fortinet 2021 Cloud Security Report, a global survey of 572 cybersecurity professionals, reported that almost 33% of enterprises are running more than half of their workloads in the cloud. Moreover, that percentage is expected to increase to nearly 56% in the next 12-18 months. Many of these organizations have multiple disparate security solutions deployed, with few that integrate. And with each cloud environment, management complexity increases as each one presents a siloed risk posture and limited remediation capabilities. IT Outlet [...]

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2 Ways The Best Businesses Protect Their Assets


First, consider this: data is the new oil. Based on how much we use and rely on data in our home and professional lives, such a bold claim seems to hold serious merit. Where can we go in life without the aid of gas in the tank or something made with oil-based material to get us there? As for the data part, it is almost inconceivable to do anything anymore without a smartphone within arm's reach. Kevin Huber, CEO of the fast growing, nationally recognized IT firm headquartered in Brandon, SD, would agree about the prominence of data in [...]

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The Truth — And Lies — About Cyberattacks And Your Business In 2022


In today's evolving game of technology and cyber, there is one player more impressive, relentless and innovative than all the rest. You might know him as an extended car warranty salesman that calls at all hours of the day. Others might think of her as a foreign country princess ready to bring her riches to the states--if only you could front her some quick travel money through an email full of your bank routing info. IT professionals that work in-house, or those that provide contract services, both know all those pretend players as one thing: the cyber criminal. Why [...]

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Think Outside The Classroom


Fortinet Is Bridging The Gap For Better Student Performance With Reliable Internet Connections Before the world would adapt to the pandemic, around 15% of students were already unable to do their homework because of the lack of reliable computers and/or internet connection at home. As the learning environment for students has shifted from traditional classrooms to virtual classrooms, it has exponentially widened that gap. According to a study from Common Sense Media, there are 15 to 16 million children in the U.S. who lack adequate home internet access, which means 30% of all public K-12 students fall into the [...]

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Expect more from your data protection


Your data is critical to keeping your business running. Our main priorities are avoiding data loss and keeping costs in check, but balancing these objectives can still be a monumental challenge. With workloads accelerating to multi-cloud ecosystems and workers more often operating remotely, data is harder to manage and control than ever before. You need a single, robust solution for comprehensive data management that is powerful and flexible enough to protect all phases of your evolving data life cycle and secure enough to stand up against cyber threats both now and into the future. Is your current backup [...]

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Are you concerned about Ransomware?


The State of Ransomware The prevalence of ransomware continues to grow, reaching new highs. According to the 2021 1H Global Threat Landscape Report from FortiGuard Labs, ransomware grew 1,070% between July 2020 and June of 2021. Fortinet recently surveyed 455 business leaders worldwide, mostly cybersecurity professionals, to learn how ransomware has impacted them, as well as what strategies they have in place and how they intend to combat it. The survey is designed to better understand the following: How concerned are security leaders about the threat of ransomware attacks? How did the pivot to remote work and learning from [...]

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