How To Help Your Business Operate On ‘Cloud Nine’


The cloud has become more than a place to store pet photos or selfie duplicates. Its evolution in the tech space has made it more than an offsite data backup solution or out-of-sight alternative to physical servers and hard drives. Today's best cloud offerings--some accompanied by additional services--showcase just how far the magic of tech has come. If the early cloud offerings were white, puffy and barely understood, today's versions are just the opposite. Think massive, intricate, complex systems with features that can maintain or make a business. Understanding the modern cloud, including its new features, capabilities or even [...]

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Accelerate Cloud. Eliminate Ransomware with Veeam Backup and Replication v11


Veeam Backup & Replication v11 eliminates data loss and ransomware, while saving 20x on your long term archive retention costs, and offers 200+ new features and enhancements including: Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Reliable ransomware protection Amazon S3 Glacier and Microsoft Azure Archive Storage Expanded Instant Recovery Veeam-powered Baas & Draas Veeam's 4-in-1 solution combining Backup, Replication, Storage Snapshots and now Continuous Data Protection under a single platform delivers faster and more flexible data protection, recovery and retention options. IT Outlet is your all-in-one data solutions provider and can help your business create a custom fit of data storage, backup [...]

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The Truth — And Lies — About Cyberattacks And Your Business In 2022


In today's evolving game of technology and cyber, there is one player more impressive, relentless and innovative than all the rest. You might know him as an extended car warranty salesman that calls at all hours of the day. Others might think of her as a foreign country princess ready to bring her riches to the states--if only you could front her some quick travel money through an email full of your bank routing info. IT professionals that work in-house, or those that provide contract services, both know all those pretend players as one thing: the cyber criminal. Why [...]

The Truth — And Lies — About Cyberattacks And Your Business In 20222022-09-06T20:43:51+00:00

Expect more from your data protection


Your data is critical to keeping your business running. Our main priorities are avoiding data loss and keeping costs in check, but balancing these objectives can still be a monumental challenge. With workloads accelerating to multi-cloud ecosystems and workers more often operating remotely, data is harder to manage and control than ever before. You need a single, robust solution for comprehensive data management that is powerful and flexible enough to protect all phases of your evolving data life cycle and secure enough to stand up against cyber threats both now and into the future. Is your current backup [...]

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